About Us

Our team of friendly lawyers, solicitors, barristers & conveyancing specialists work from our two offices in Manurewa (Manukau) & Botany Junction.

The Way We Work

Swayne McDonald has a staff of 6 lawyers and 2 registered legal executives, each with an interest, wide experience and detailed knowledge in their own particular ‘area’ of law. Legal services provided cover residential and commercial conveyancing, small business/commercial, family trusts, property law, Wills, deceased estate administration, all aspects of family law, matrimonial and relationship property agreements/settlements, immigration, together with a wide range of other general legal matters.

Our view is that the services we provide to clients directly should be only those services which we can provide efficiently and cost-effectively. If a client requires a legal services in an area of law we do not have a sufficient level of expertise in then such work is briefed to those whom we believe are best able to achieve the result our client desires. We do not pretend to be a full service legal firm, however, we do believe that through our informal network of associations and knowledge of the legal profession we can directly, or indirectly, obtain the optimum result for our clients.

We pride ourselves on providing, to a wide range of private and business clients, personal, efficient and friendly service combining sound legal knowledge with extensive practical experience.

Our Areas of Legal Expertise

Personal/ Family Law - Swayne McDonald

Business Law/ business lawyers/ small business law/ business law solicitors

Property and Rural Law/ property lawyers auckland/property lawyers/ property lawyer

Our Team of Lawyers, Solicitors, Barristers & Conveyancing Specialists

Devon McDonald - Laywer | Principal | Family Law | Conveyancing Law | Commercial Law

Devon McDonald

Devon McDonald is the principal of Swayne McDonald. Devon holds the degree of Bachelor of Laws Degree (LLB) from University...
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Joy Hadley - Registered Legal Executive – Residential Property | Conveyancing | Property Law

Joy Hadley

Registered Legal Executive – Residential Property
Joy Hadley is a highly experienced and Senior Registered Legal Executive – having been employed in “the law” since 1976,...
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Diane Harvey - Property & Commercial Lawyer – Residential Property | Conveyancing | Property Law

Diane Harvey

Property and Commercial Lawyer
Diane Harvey holds the degree of Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Waikato University and has been in legal practice since...
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Neil Horne - Property - Trusts and Estates Lawyer

Neil Horne

Property: Trusts and Estates Lawyer
Neil Horne holds the degrees of Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Master of Laws (LLM) from the University of Otago....
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Donna Jensen - Registered Legal Executice - Residential Property - Conveyancing | Buying a House | Selling a House | Subdividing

Donna Jensen

Registered Legal Executive – Residential property
Donna Jensen is a highly experienced senior Registered Legal Executive based at our Botany Junction office. Donna commenced her legal career...
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Carolina Tiumalu - Family Lawyer - Family Court | Family Law | Divorce Lawyer | Prenup

Carolina Tiumalu

Family Lawyer
Carolina Tiumalu studied law and commerce at Otago University, graduated with LLB and B Com degrees and was admitted to...
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Kelly Angell - Registered Legal Executive - Residential Property - Conveyancing | Buying a House | Selling a House | Subdividing

Kelly Angell

Registered Legal Executive
Kelly Angell graduated as a Registered Legal Executive in 2010 following several years experience  as a Legal Secretary. She is...
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Kristy Ng Shiu - Family Layer | Family Law | Trusts & Estates

Kristy Ng Shiu

Family Lawyer
Kristy Ng Shiu has worked as a specialist family lawyer since 2008, since graduating from the University of Auckland in...
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Mike Goodwin - Property & Commercial Lawyer - Property Law | Conyevancing | Commercial Law | Lawyer

Mike Goodwin

General Practice Lawyer
Mike Goodwin is a general practice lawyer with more than 40 years of legal practice experience – much of which...
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