A lifestyle block or ‘plot’ is generally a smallholding in the country and is often undeveloped.

When purchasing a lifestyle block you should know what the future development plans are around the area. There are times when people buy a lifestyle block only to find out that the area around it has been zoned for Industrial purposes.

There are many issues that go with buying a lifestyle block that you need to be aware of.

Here are four key things to consider:

When purchasing a lifestyle block you should know all the legal conveyancing requirements. SMLaw - Lawyers in Auckland, Botony, Manurewa, Manukau
  • Deciding whether or not to register for GST.
  • The types of resource consent required for land use, water and sewage disposal.
  • Resource Management Act (RMA)  planning requirements to make sure that you can carry out the activities you intended for your Lifestyle Block.
  • Know what the neighbours can or cannot do.To get your Lifestyle Block or Plot conveyancing sorted, give us a call 09 267 2700 or contact us.