First home buyers – The process of buying and what to look out for

If you have never bought a property before, it can be an intimidating prospect. We have broken down this process below and highlighted some things you may want to keep an eye out for along the way. The process can be split into about 9 general stages (order may vary slightly). 1. Finding a house

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Unpaid Rates lead to Sale of Property Whether you are purchasing your first home, family home, rental property, commercial property, retirement home, or simply refinancing your property, you may not remember as time goes by, the consequences of not keeping your rates paid and up to date with your local Councils. When signing that all

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Relationship Property

The division of relationship property is regulated by the Property (Relationship) Act 1976 (“RPA”), the intention of which is to recognise fair division of the relationship property at the end of a relationship. There is a presumption of equal 50/50 division, unless this can be disputed or there are certain mitigating factors. Factors such as

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