What to know when building a house with a building company

Building a house can be a stressful, expensive and intimidating prospect for both new and experienced customers. As such, ensuring you are aware of not only your rights and obligations, but also those of the builder, is crucial. Prior to even hiring a builder, you should complete your own due diligence on: the builder, your

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An overview of mortgage sales

If you buy a property at a mortgagee sale, be aware that you are entering a contract that is quite different in its nature to an agreement entered into in other circumstances. The agreement is likely to be weighed heavily in the mortgagee’sfavour because mortgagee sales involve factors outside of the mortgagee’s control, which it

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Under what circumstances should you form a Trust?

There are a number of circumstances under which you should consider forming a trust. Some of the common purposes of a trust, and the structures utilised, will be discussed in this article. A trust is managed by trustees who are appointed by the creator of thetrust (called the settlor(s)). Trustees manage the assets and debts

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The importance of Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney

Having enduring powers of attorney (EPAs) and a will in place isimportant for every adult whatever their age. A will is a legal document that lets you decide how you want your property, care for your dependants (partner, children etc.) and your body to be dealt with after you die. EPAs allow you to appoint

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Rental property standards

The Residential Tenancies Act 1986 requires landlords to provide and maintain rental properties in a reasonable state of repair for the tenants. When deciding what is a ‘reasonable state of repair’ one must consider the age and character of the property and how long it’s likely to remain habitable and available to be lived in.

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Sexual harassment in the workplace – what to do?

The Employment Relations Act 2000 (“ERA”) and the Human Rights Act 1993 (“HRA”) cover the in-depth processes, remedies and forms of general and sexual harassment in the workplace for New Zealand employees. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment that is defined as “sexual harassment” in the workplace, and a number of examples of forms

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Hague Convention

The Hague Convention (“HC”) is the international law that governs theabduction of children. Abduction is defined as taking children from acountry without the consent of their parents or guardians. Essentially, the HC regulates how countries interact with each other when a child has unlawfully been taken to another country. The HC’s objectives include securing the

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Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988 (PPPR)

The purpose of the PPPR is to protect the personal and property rights of people who are not capable of managing their own affairs.This includes, but is not limited to, someone who is mentally ill, has an intellectual disability, or a brain injury that will affect their mental capacity. There are numerous orders that can

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Meth contaminated properties

A property that has been used to manufacture methamphetamine, or has had methamphetamine smoked inside, can be contaminated with methamphetamine residue that can be present on the surfaces inside the property. A property used for manufacturing this illicit drug has different health implications than a property where the drug was just smoked. The manufacturing process

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First home buyers – The process of buying and what to look out for

If you have never bought a property before, it can be an intimidating prospect. We have broken down this process below and highlighted some things you may want to keep an eye out for along the way. The process can be split into about 9 general stages (order may vary slightly). 1. Finding a house

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