The employment act says that every employee must have a written employment agreement.

An employment agreement sets out the terms and conditions that govern the relationship between an employer or employee.

It can be either:

  • an individual agreement – that is, between one employee and one employer, or
  • a collective agreement – that is, between two or more employees, and one or more employers, and one or more unions.
The employment act states that every person must have a written employment agreement. SMLaw are your emplyment lawyers.

As an Employer, you must keep a signed copy of the agreement and must give a copy to your employee/s. If you, as an Employer, breaches these rules, a labour inspector can issue an infringement notice (like a speeding ticket)  to pay a $1,000 fine. As an employee,  you (or a labour inspector) can ask the Employment Relations Authority to order your Employer to pay a financial penalty.

From April 2016 the maximum penalties increased significantly for this and other breaches of workers’ minimum rights.

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