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Overview of the Official Information Act 1982

The Official Information Act (“the Act”) came into effect in 1982 in order to repeal the 1951 Official Secrets Act, with the purpose being to increase the availability of official information. Information that is governed by this Act is specified as information held by a department, a Minister of the Crown or an organization, as

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Rollover relief to the brightline rule

The brightline property rule applies to properties purchased after 1 October 2015. It looks into what period the property was acquired and when it is being sold. If the property is sold after owning it for less than ten years, you may be obliged to pay income tax.  The date that the land of the

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Changes for birth certificates

Every child born in New Zealand receives a birth certificate including the details surrounding the time and place, who the parents are and the sex of the child. It has always been the base document for New Zealand citizens, a confirmation of their place in the world and in the system which subsequently relies on

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The future of smoking in New Zealand

Smoking cigarettes has always been permitted in New Zealand. In more recent times the health hazards that smoking poses have been well researched, documented and publicised Many policies have been put in place to lower the number of people who take up, or continue to, smoke. This includes education around how it affects health, including

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Review of new drug testing at festivals law

Event organisers now have new legislation that allows for drug testing at concerts and festivals. Previously in New Zealand, drug testing organisations such as KnowYourStuffNZ have conducted tests at festivals with the risk of being prosecuted under section 12 of The Misuse of Drugs Act 1975. On 23 November 2021, Parliament passed the Drug and

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Overview of the End of Life Choice Act 2019

The End of Live Choice Act 2019 came into effect in November 2021 (“the Act”). It establishes the framework for the process, the eligibility and safeguards for the service of assisted dying in New Zealand. It is overseen by the Ministry of Health Manatu Hauroa.  Section 5 of the Act sets out the essential criteria

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Commercial contracts and climate change: Time to think differently

There are many ways to get involved in fighting climate change, but it can feel overwhelming not knowing where to start. For evolving businesses and individuals, the variety of options available are expanding.  The legal framework for fighting climate change started with the 2015 Paris Agreement, a legally binding international treaty. The goal was to

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The role of the executor

Often when you are asked to be the executor of a will, you accept the role without truly knowing its parameters. While not wishing to deter anyone from accepting the responsibility to carry out this very important role, you must understand what it entails. When a member of the family or a close friend asks

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Further change to gun laws

Following the amendments to the Arms Act 1983 (“the Act”) that came into force on 11 April 2019, a second tranche of proposed changes, the Arms Legislation Bill (“the Bill”), is currently under review by the Select Committee. This next step in the reform of the Act looks to establish a firearms registry and amend

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