Access issues – commercial leases during COVID-19 lockdown

Many commercial tenants were forced to close down nonessential businesses during the nationwide lockdown. As a result, many commercial tenants and landlords face difficulties in meeting daily business expenses. There is a “no access in emergency” clause within ADLS leases, which was included following the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes and the creation of the ‘red zone’

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Mortgage free holiday overview

During these unprecedented times with COVID-19, the term mortgage free holiday has been heard more now than ever. As many New Zealanders’ incomes have been negatively affected, which can make it difficult to meet mortgage payments (amongst other payments), a mortgage free holiday may be an option worth considering. The mortgage free holiday has always

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NZ/ Australia travel bubble requirements

COVID-19 is ravaging the world. New Zealand and Australia have fared well in containing and limiting its impact on their populations both personally and economically. However, certain sectors of commerce have been stopped in their tracks. The hospitality industries, with all their supporting services from airlines to vineyard workers, together with all the dots joined

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Removal of incapacitated trustees

The new Trusts Act 2019 has had a far-reaching impact on all aspects of trust law. One of its very sensible and practical amendments is to assist in streamlining the process when a trustee under a trust becomes incapacitated. The outcome is that, where a trustee has lost mental capacity and is deemed medically unable

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Proposed changes to hate crime and hate speech laws

The Government is proposing amendments to current hate speech and hate crime laws in the wake of the Royal Commission of Inquiry’s investigation into the Christchurch Mosque terror attacks, which occurred in March 2019. In December 2020, the Royal Commission of Inquiry made 44 recommendations, which included repealing hate speech offences in the Human Rights

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Sexual harassment in the workplace – what to do?

The Employment Relations Act 2000 (“ERA”) and the Human Rights Act 1993 (“HRA”) cover the in-depth processes, remedies and forms of general and sexual harassment in the workplace for New Zealand employees. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has listed the conduct that is defined as “sexual harassment” in the workplace, and a number

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The disciplinary meeting as part of a sound process

From time to time, issues arise with employees in workplaces that cause employers concern. These issues are many and varied but can include concerns about possible employee misconduct. These events can trigger an employment process, involving an investigation and the need to meet with the employee. After an employment investigation is concluded, the employer may

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Neighbour law part 2: Nuisance and trespass, issues with animals, noises & smells

In a perfect world, you and your neighbour should be able to resolve any problem by discussing it together. The law is careful to balance one person’s right to enjoy their land with a neighbour’s right to be protected from interference. If your neighbour’s domestic animal comes onto your property without your consent, this is

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