You might have noticed that we have dropped off the “& Co” from the firm’s name. For some time we have been known in the community simply as “Swayne McDonald” so after 25 years of being “Swayne McDonald & Co, Barristers & Solicitors”, we have applied the “KISS” principal and are henceforth formally “Swayne McDonald, Lawyers”. But wait … there’s more! New Branch Office After 25 years of serving clients throughout the greater Auckland region from our Manurewa base, we are now also operating from a new branch office at Botany Junction, Manukau. Botany Junction is on the corner of Ormiston Road and Te Irirangi Drive. Our new branch office should prove far more convenient to visit for our clients in the “eastern areas” – Pakuranga, Howick through Whitford to Beachlands and Maraetai. Initially, the Botany Junction office will be “manned” by one of our senior Legal Executives, Cheryl Smith. Cheryl has extensive experience in property transactions, especially Residential Conveyancing – for which she has a particular passion. If it would be more convenient for you to see any of our “Legal Team” at the Botany Junction office please let us know! Phone us on 265 2700 or call in and see us if you are in the Botany Junction area! – we are at 24C Botany Way – … and more … New Professional Staff The practice continues to grow, and to meet the growth we have employed a new Lawyer. We are delighted to welcome Elise McCabe to the practice. Elise completed her Law degree at Auckland and subsequently a Masters Degree (LLM) at the London School of Economics. All information in this newsletter is to the best of the authors’ knowledge true and accurate. No liability is assumed by the authors, or publishers, for any losses suffered by any person relying directly or indirectly upon this newsletter. It is recommended that clients should consult a senior representative of the firm before acting upon this information. April/May 2006 Page 2 of 4 © 2006 Since then Elise has had four years with larger Auckland City Legal practices focusing on Family Law (especially Relationship Property) and Civil Litigation. These areas will be the primary focus of Elise’s work with us. If you have family or friends who need advice on any Relationship Property or Family Law issue, or if you are looking to sue someone who has caused you loss, contact Elise for “jargon free” advice and prompt action!